McDonald’s Food For Thoughts Survey

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The survey team at McDonald’s has come up with an interesting offer for the survey takers: a 20% discount off original check on all McD items. To take part in the survey, customers will have to fill out a feedback form. In return, they will receive a “platinum voucher” worth $15 off the final bill. This is a great incentive to visit McDonald’s and try out their fast food, but you have to act fast because the offer is only valid for a limited time! Click here –

Tell McD What You Think!

McDonalds’ Food for Thoughts survey is intended to understand what customers think about the food chain and how they can make it better. Only those who have eaten in McDonald’s restaurants can participate, so make sure to complete the survey right away. Moreover, you’ll get a free Big Mac for participating. This is a great incentive to take part in the survey and earn your free Big Mac!

To participate in the survey, you’ll have to provide your receipt with a 4-digit code. In addition, you’ll need to provide the date and time of your order. You’ll be asked to enter your total purchase amount, and your satisfaction rating. You’ll then be asked to answer a few survey questions, and it’s up to you whether you want to make changes or continue to use the same menu items.