Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management, Ottawa’s largest fee-based financial advisor firm, offers clients a simple and personal approach to designing financial services that are tailored to their needs. Certified financial advisors at Exponent adopt a holistic and client-centric approach that is rooted in transparency and a fiduciary responsibility to put their clients’ best interests first. URL

A team of highly qualified financial advisors and support staff work hard to help each client understand the process and navigate their way through it. They are motivated by a strong desire to serve their clients in a way that will enable them to move from active business or professional income to a retirement strategy.

The firm has an excellent track record of helping its clients to achieve their financial goals and objectives with a focus on avoiding the common mistakes that can be made in navigating a complex financial landscape. The firm’s advisors are committed to being transparent with their clients and provide a wealth of information online at any time to keep them informed about the progress of their portfolios.

How Exponent Investment Management Navigates Volatile Markets

They also have an excellent relationship with their client’s accountants and estate planning attorneys. This helps to reduce their liability and streamline the communication between the advisor and their clients.

With a solid team, Exponent is constantly investing in the latest technology and training its employees to improve their services. The firm’s entire team takes pride in not being driven by quotas or focusing on numbers, but rather on serving their clients and being transparent about the firm’s processes.