Why Buy a Land Rover Defender Sale?

A land rover defender sale is one of the best ways to get a new-ish Land Rover in excellent condition without spending a fortune. These SUVs have a long history of being work mules, perfect for farmers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to make the most of their 4×4 capabilities.

Why is Defender so expensive?

It also makes a cool family car to have around the country. Whether you’re looking for a luxury vehicle that can handle rutted trails or a car that is able to haul your trailer when you go camping, the Land Rover Defender offers the right combination of space, tech and cool appeal.

The interior is a mix of upscale materials and an edgy, rugged design. You’ll find plenty of technology, including the latest infotainment features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Safety is a high priority, too. The Defender comes with a 360-degree surround view camera, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alert and traffic sign recognition. It’s also equipped with a water depth sensor, which helps to provide visual information about the depth of a stream when you’re off-roading.

Performance is great too, with the Defender handling confidently and offering a decent amount of feedback from the road. The air suspension system is a nice touch, as is the direct, well-weighted steering.

Fuel economy is decent for a luxury SUV, with the six-cylinder engine rated at up to 18 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. The four-cylinder models have slightly better numbers.