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Gunshooting is a popular recreational activity for many Americans. Some states require a permit to purchase a handgun or to obtain a concealed weapon. However, for the general public, the term Gunshooter refers to anyone who aims or shoots at an animal using a gun. Gunshooters may include hunters, target shooters, law-abiding citizens exercising self-defense, military personnel, criminals, or anyone else who may lawfully own a firearm.

The common type of Gunshooter is the pistol. The word Pistol comes from the French word Port which means Port, barrel, or stick. Portless (with the exception of the frame and receiver) Pistols are also known as Revolvers. Revolvers are normally made with a folding stock or a magazine tube in order to be easily loaded with ammunition.

Rifles are relatively similar to Pistols except that they have a longer (sometimes 2-foot) handle. Rifles were primarily used for long-range shots and are effective for hunting animals and birds. Rifles are also known as Short rifles or Long rifles. The term Long rifle is used generally to refer to heavier firearms generally between thirty-five to forty-five inches barrel length.

Gunshooters who use handguns usually prefer semiautomatic firearms. Semi-automatic handguns fire multiple rounds of ammunition by repeating the same firing process, that is, by pressing a button, until the shooter has achieved the maximum distance. An example of a semi-automatic firearm is a pistol. The shooter can “load” the pistol after the last round is fired.

Gun collectors and hunters prefer semi- automatics because of the accuracy of these weapons. Rifles are generally not accurate enough and cause fatal shots at ranges beyond one hundred yards. Rifles, however, are very popular for hunting because of their weight and portability. There are many sub-models of rifles including: AR-15’s, M1 Carbines, shotguns, and pistols. Although there is some controversy over the size and power of handguns, which can kill with one shot, many hunters prefer to fire a shotgun, since it is portable and lessens the possibility of collateral damage or death due to ricochet.

Gun owners can tell a lot about the gun’s condition by observing how the bullet moves during a discharge. Rifles tend to release BB’s with a circular pattern, while handguns release them in a bullet form. Also, examine how the rifle or shotgun handles when being shot. Both the BBs and the pellets will spin in a pattern that is similar to the trajectory of a falling basketball. Finally, look at the sight picture and determine if the sights need to be changed.

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