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recover from drug addiction and alcoholism

When you first start your journey to recovery, you might think you’ll never touch drugs or alcohol again. While you may enjoy the recovery process, you also need to understand that relapse is a possibility for everyone. All it takes is a millisecond, the wrong place at the wrong time, or one negative thought to trigger a relapse. Find out: 12 Step New York

Alcoholism Is A Serious Problem

Once you’ve made the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol, you have to make changes in your life. This means getting rid of old habits and forming new ones. In addition, you’ll need to get rid of all triggers so you can avoid relapses. Often, this includes social situations and activities.

In the preparation stage, a person builds up a strong sense of urgency to end their addiction. They begin making changes to their lifestyle, and may even go to a counselor for help. This is an important stage, as it enables the individual to make self-reflection easier, which in turn makes it easier to make new choices in the present.

If you are going to attend a rehab program, it is important to make arrangements for travel and lodging. Once you’ve made these arrangements, you should contact national organizations that offer addiction treatment and ask if they have a waiting list for admission. When searching for treatment centers, it’s important to avoid programs that promise quick fixes and those that use alternative, potentially harmful treatments. It’s also wise to consider visiting a Sober Home while you’re in early recovery, to avoid temptation and to keep yourself healthy and safe.

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